Developing Inhibitors of Specific DDR Targets, in Monotherapy or in Combination, to Treat Predictable & Identifiable DDR-Defective Cancer Indications

Returning this year in a digital capacity, as the most comprehensive and definitive event in the field, the 4th Annual PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit is proud to showcase the very latest case studies and unique perspectives from 20+ pioneering experts. This year is dedicated to the novel targeting of DNA Damage Response (DDR) pathways, optimizing the use of synthetic lethality, to develop safe and efficacious blockbuster therapies in multiple cancers.  

Plan how to optimize PARP inhibitors in the clinic with treatment combinations to expand indications and deliver more selective, better tolerated medicines to improve survival rates in difficult-to-treat cancers.  

This Summit is industry focused on, and dedicated to, bringing new and novel next generation DDR therapeutics to the clinic and capitalizing on the therapeutic application of PARP inhibitors by finding optimal treatment combinations and expanding its use in cancer indications. If you are a research team striving to create best-in-class DDR therapeutics, this is the specific networking forum which has been curated with you in mind.  

“This is a very informative meeting with the right experts and relevant topics.”

Tango Therapeutics

"It was a great opportunity to meet many of the most important actors in the DDR field, and the speed networking is an excellent way to discuss with everyone."


“Well organized and focused meeting covering all aspects of current challenges and achievements on synthetic lethal interactions.”

Mission Therapeutics

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