What’s New?

A lot has changed in the past year! PARPi are expanding to novel indications, being combined with emerging therapeutics, and cementing itself as an example for emerging DDR inhibitors to follow. As the DDR community evolves, so do we. This year we are putting a spotlight on PARP inhibitors, providing an exclusive opportunity to:

  • catch up on the race to best-in-class
  • hear about tested strategies directly from developers
  • expand PARP inhibitor indications
  • overcome resistance mechanisms

It only made sense to celebrate this success story with a new name: ‘PARP & DNA Damage Response Inhibitors Summit 2020’. This meeting will give you an in-depth understanding of PARPi success and paint a landscape of emerging DDR targets as they progress to the clinic. The PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit 2020 will provide comprehensive end-to-end coverage of the challenges and developments in DDR therapeutics, from discovery to clinical application.

We look forward to welcoming you back in January!