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Patrys, Industry Partner

Patrys is an Australian therapeutic antibody development company focussed on the development of its pre-clinical Deoxymab platform. The lead asset, PAT-DX1, is an engineered antibody that crosses the blood brain barrier, has single agent activity in DDR deficient tumors, and enhances the activity of radiation therapy and DNA-damaging chemotherapy. With a novel MoA and a substantial patent portfolio Patrys’ antibody approach to achieving synthetic lethality offers considerable promise in the field of DDR therapeutics.

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Ambry, Innovation Partner

For 20 years, Ambry has been seeking to better understanding gene-disease relationships through collaboration, research and innovation. We have identified novel genes, designed custom assays, and brought to market more than 500 unique diagnostic tests. We’ve been first-to market with game-changing technologies, including clinical exome and hereditary cancer panels. As a committed team of experts, we are equipped with powerful technologies and stand by ready to develop custom assays to meet your specific criteria, as if it were family. We are seasoned experts that can take your project from concept to completion.


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Genomic Vision, Innovation Partner

Genomic Vision is a biotechnology company developing molecular and Artificial Intelligence tools to control quality and safety of genetically modified genome in particular in genome editing technologies and
biomanufacturing processes.

Genomic Vision proprietary molecular tools provide robust quantitative measurements that are needed to enable high confidence characterization of DNA alteration in the genome. These tools are currently use for monitoring DNA replication in cancerous cell, for early cancer detection and the diagnosis of genetic diseases.

From physical mapping of DNA over large regions of interests, to dynamic studies of DNA replication: Genomic Vision’s proprietary single DNA analysis technology combines Molecular Combing, isolation and linearization genomic DNA, with a unique targeting and detection strategy, the Genomic Morse Code. Genomic Vision offers a versatile approach to gain insight into the structure and function of targeted areas
as well as single molecule approach to monitor both spatial
and temporal characteristics of DNA replication.



XenTech, Innovation Partner

XenTech is a preclinical CRO with 15 years of experience in PDX model development and the realization of premium quality in vivo pharmacology services. We feature a large TNBC PDX panel to explore the response to DDR-targeting therapies in relation with HRD, and a growing collection of PDX models obtained from patients with acquired resistance to last generation targeted therapies. PDX-derived cell lines are also available for in vitro pre-screening assays



IntoDNA, Event Partner

IntoDNA is a service provider that delivers its technology STRIDE for super-sensitive, direct, in situ DNA damage detection combined with a set of comprehensive solutions and expertise to support customers and projects within the area of precision medicine that develop DDR targeted therapies. IntoDNA provides tools that can be applied in cells and tissue samples.

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