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8:00 am Online Networking

8:45 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Simon Boulton Senior Group Leader, Francis Crick Institute Co-founder & VP Science Strategy Artios Pharma,

Assessing the Potential of PARP Inhibitors in Combination Therapies to Overcome Resistance Mechanisms

9:00 am The Potential of PARP & ATR Inhibitor Combinations

  • Nicola Curtin Professor of Experimental Cancer Therapeutics, Newcastle University

9:30 am Olaparib in Combination with Other Drugs: Novel Strategies to Overcome Resistance

10:00 am Novel Potent USP1 Inhibitors have Strong Combination Activity with PARP inhibitors and have Complimentary Mechanisms of Resistance

  • Louise Cadzow Senior Director & Head of In Vivo Pharmacology , KSQ Therapeutics

10:30 am A Bespoke Screening Platform to Study Mono(ADP-ribosylation)

  • Tim J. Wigle Director, Molecular Discovery, Ribon Therapeutics


  • PARP enzymes deposit mono(ADP-ribosylation) or poly(ADP-ribosylation) on their substrate proteins
  • Resulting ADP-ribosylation is involved in cellular signaling in processes such as cellular stress response, protein homeostasis and immunology/inflammation
  • Developed BEACON+ platform to enable drug discovery for monoPARP enzymes that does not rely on knowledge of the substrates for each enzyme, which are poorly understood
  • Screening platform used to develop tool compounds for multiple monoPARP enzymes, including PARP7 inhibitor (RBN-2397) in phase 1 clinical trial in oncology

11:00 am Virtual Speed Networking

12:00 pm Penetrating the Brain Tumor Space with DDR Inhibitors

  • Kirk Tanner Chief Scientific Officer, National Brain Tumor Society
  • Ranjit S. Bindra Associate Professor of Therapeutic Radiology, Yale School of Medicine

Analyzing the Opportunities to Increase Therapeutic Index

12:30 pm REV1 Inhibitor JH-RE-06 Enhances Tumor Cell Response to Chemotherapy by Triggering Senescence

1:00 pm Targeting RNA Polymerase I Transcription Activates the DNA Damage Response & Demonstrates Therapeutic Efficacy in Ovarian Cancer

  • Elaine Sanij Senior Research Fellow, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Identifying the Biomarkers of Response

1:30 pm Biomarker-Guided Development of DDR Drugs

2:00 pm Online Networking Lunch

3:00 pm Novel Genomic & Proteomic Approaches to DDRi Biomarker Identification

  • Eric Brown Associate Professor of Cancer Biology, University of Pennsylvania

3:30 pm PARP Inhibitors and Anti-PD-(L)1 Immunotherapies: Biomarker Considerations in Mono vs Combination Therapies

  • Petar Jelinic Director, Translational Oncology & Clinical Biomarkers, Merck

4:00 pm Presentation by Burning Rock

  • Lauren Levy Senior Biopharma Business Development Manager, Burning Rock Biotech

Afternoon Break

Patient Selection Strategies

4:45 pm Liquid Biopsy Pre & Post Rucaparib: Patient Selection & Mechanisms of Resistance in BRCA+ mCRPC

  • Andrea Loehr Senior Director - Translational Medicine, Clovis Oncology

5:15 pm Presentation by Path AI

5:45 pm Single Agent DDRi Activity – Identifying the Right Patients

  • Ruth Plummer Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine, Newcastle University

6:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference Day One

  • Simon Boulton Senior Group Leader, Francis Crick Institute Co-founder & VP Science Strategy Artios Pharma,