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Exploiting Cancer Survival Mechanisms with Next Generation PARP & DNA Damage Response (DDR) Inhibitors

Join leaders of the DDR community at the PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit 2020 to optimize & expand current DDR inhibitors including ATR, DNA-PK, PolQ &
Rad51 target novel synthetic lethal pairs & develop safe & efficacious blockbuster therapies.


PARP and novel DNA Damage Response (DDR) inhibitors are showing great potential in broader tumor indications as they advance through the clinic. This industry-focused summit will equip you with the tools to optimize PARP inhibitors for expanded indications; create best-in-class therapeutics; over-ride resistance and identify novel DDR and synthetic lethal pathways to exploit cancer survival mechanisms.

  • Leverage drug and therapeutic combinations with lessons learnt from PARP in the clinic
  • Devise personalized treatment plans by examining genotypes and discuss biomarker strategy
  • Equip your DDR inhibitors for use in expanded indications
  • Inform therapeutic combination selection to overcome acquired resistance
  • Analyze the emerging DDR therapeutic landscape and unpick the complex DDR network

“This is a very informative meeting with the right experts and relevant topics.”

Tango Therapeutics

"It was a great opportunity to meet many of the most important actors in the DDR field, and the speed networking is an excellent way to discuss with everyone."


“Well organized and focused meeting covering all aspects of current challenges and achievements on synthetic lethal interactions.”

Mission Therapeutics

Gain exclusive insights and network with key researchers from Astrazeneca, Bayer, Merck KGaA and many more to address challenges and lessons learnt from current DDR drug development.


What to expect?

  • 80+ Attendees
  • 25 Expert Speakers
  • 7 Novel DDR Targets
  • 5+ hours of Networking


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