Hear what our previous attendees have to say about the PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit: 

“I have been involved in PARP and DDR inhibitor research since 1990, firstly in terms of drug development and evaluation (PARP, DNA-PK, ATM) then in synthetic lethality and the search for predictive biomarkers (PARP, ATR, CHK1 and WEE1). This experience has given me a cautious view regarding the interpretation of experimental data.”

Nicola Curtin, Newcastle University

“A good overview in the DDR field and nice contact with either academic lab and  pharma implicated in the field”

Francoise Bono, Onexo

“The “PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit” brings together industry and clinical experts in the field of DNA Damage Response (DDR). Through my participation in the conference I aim to hear about and contribute to the latest advances in therapeutic targeting of the DDR in cancer (from basic science to clinical application). I am looking forward to attending the 4th PARP & DDR Inhibitors Summit which will help the scientific community to progress towards the discovery and development of novel therapies for cancer patients.”

Sotirios Soitrou, FoRx Therapeutics

“Hearing about the latest cutting-edge discoveries and approaches related to DNA repair deficiencies in cancer. As a chair and speaker at the meeting, this will give may lab and company expose to other KOLs, which may lead to collaborative opportunities.”

Simon Boulton

“A great opportunity to connect with experts and leaders at the forefront of DDR research, sparking collaboration and interest to move forward the next wave of DDR-focused anti-cancer agents.”

Helen Robinson, Artios

“This meeting connects academic research and pharma for a common goal: to find better treatment for cancer.”

Eric Brown, University of Pennsylvania

" Opportunity to hear and learn from leaders in the field. Opportunity to present work to a wide audience of DNA repair biologists. Unique opportunity to interact with colleagues in both industry and academia”

Kent Mouw, Dana Farber

“It is my pleasure to participate in the PARP and DDR Summit and I look forward to the valuable interactions and the sharing of DDR research progress that this meeting facilitates”

Paul Secrist, Cyteir